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A slight digression from the usual “contemporary classical(ish)” stuff, I’ve released a new tape under my WITH ZERO moniker.┬áNOCTURNES is a 60-minute slow-burning new age piece, intended for deep nighttime listening, meditation and states of half waking/consciousness.




The cassette comes in a limited edition of 50, pro-dubbed on transparent glittering shells (because, y’know…) and is available via bandcamp.


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The WITH ZERO project has been around since about 2012, mainly as a hard drive with which to store miscellaneous synthesiser sketches. This is the first proper release, with a few more in the pipeline for the next couple of months.

A dead hard-drive is still useful

So my new Macbook Pro’s hard-drive corrupted itself over the weekend. Lost a fair amount of unbacked-up work I’m ashamed to say. But rather than mourn the dead, I figured I’d have some fun with a corpse (so to speak…)

(ex)hard-drive rotary controller/turntable from owmtxy on Vimeo.

Its a really simple hack, just hook up some wire to the 4 copper pads under the platter, one acts as ground and any of the others act as your signal. Run it into the sound card and you’ve got a very low-frequency oscillator! In the above video I’m using the drive as a ring-modulator, and as a sample playback device with a [phasor~] and [lookup~] in Max!