Percussion Studies (LINE, 2021)

I’m thrilled to announce my new album Percussion Studies will be released in August 2021 by LINE, Richard Chartier’s inimitable label. It is available now.

“It’s moving music that draws the spirit from the core of your being.” ~ BOOMKAT

You can also listen on Spotify.

From the label:

Percussion Studies by composer Oliver Thurley presents a series of experiments that form delicate sheets of vibrant sound from orchestral percussion instruments. 

In ‘subcutaneous’, homogenous panels of sound are isolated moments suspended in negative spaces. Here, the noises of the listening environment bleed back in. 

‘sanguine’ gradually transmutes one resonant body (bass drum) into another (cymbal) through a convolution process that forms fragile entropic harmonies. 

Percussion Studies is the push and pull of hovering minimalist textures and reflections of emptiness. A barely-there energy is exuded from these pieces, like a phantom touch on skin. 

For ears that appreciate a space between the spectral clouds of Thomas Köner and mysterious sound worlds of Toshiya Tsunoda and Steve Roden.

texture of a cymbal, close-up photo


IMG_1181 (1)


A slight digression from the usual “contemporary classical(ish)” stuff, I’ve released a new tape under my WITH ZERO moniker. NOCTURNES is a 60-minute slow-burning new age piece, intended for deep nighttime listening, meditation and states of half waking/consciousness.




The cassette comes in a limited edition of 50, pro-dubbed on transparent glittering shells (because, y’know…) and is available via bandcamp.


IMG_1142 (1)


The WITH ZERO project has been around since about 2012, mainly as a hard drive with which to store miscellaneous synthesiser sketches. This is the first proper release, with a few more in the pipeline for the next couple of months.

A dead hard-drive is still useful

So my new Macbook Pro’s hard-drive corrupted itself over the weekend. Lost a fair amount of unbacked-up work I’m ashamed to say. But rather than mourn the dead, I figured I’d have some fun with a corpse (so to speak…)

(ex)hard-drive rotary controller/turntable from owmtxy on Vimeo.

Its a really simple hack, just hook up some wire to the 4 copper pads under the platter, one acts as ground and any of the others act as your signal. Run it into the sound card and you’ve got a very low-frequency oscillator! In the above video I’m using the drive as a ring-modulator, and as a sample playback device with a [phasor~] and [lookup~] in Max!