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A slight digression from the usual “contemporary classical(ish)” stuff, I’ve released a new tape under my WITH ZERO moniker. NOCTURNES is a 60-minute slow-burning new age piece, intended for deep nighttime listening, meditation and states of half waking/consciousness.




The cassette comes in a limited edition of 50, pro-dubbed on transparent glittering shells (because, y’know…) and is available via bandcamp.


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The WITH ZERO project has been around since about 2012, mainly as a hard drive with which to store miscellaneous synthesiser sketches. This is the first proper release, with a few more in the pipeline for the next couple of months.

Collation of synth tests

I’ve been getting into modular synths (well, as far as one can on a far-less-than-limitless budget), and learning a lot about classic synthesis in the process. So far, I’ve acquired an Doepfer a-143-4 Quad LFO, a Harvestman Piston Honda VCO, a gnarly Plague Bearer filter, and a little Pittsburgh mixer unit all in the Eurorack format. Pretty limited setup as it goes, but I’ve got some fun patches out of it:

Hoping to use the setup to knock out a synth-y cassette sometime soon over on Coma Architects under the With-Zero name.

Post-Bradford; new synth


James sound checking at last night’s show in Bradford. We had a blast, great sets by Gaz Brown and Bridget Hayden. The film we accompanied by Eoin Shea looked beautiful!


As part of the With Zerø project I mentioned a while back, I’ve made the move to building a modular synthesiser – in part a longer plan to learn more about ‘traditional’ electronic music synthesis, and also for some cool tech geeking. Only two Eurorack modules for the time being (fuck, they’re expensive?!): a Doepfer A-143-4 quadVCLFO, and a FoH Plague Bearer filter/drive/bat-shit-noise module. Really enjoying the squelchy sounds you can coax out of this simple setup!
Doepfer a-143-4 & FoH Plague Bearer by With Zero

Will put a few more short ideas up soon, currently working on a first release under the With Zero name. Should be fun! In the meantime, remember that you can download the first of the Sleep drones for free:
Sleep #1 by With Zero