oliver thurley: whose veil remains inscrutable

whose veil remains inscrutable

tenor saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, piano

for Ensemble Nikel

In wearing a veil, we can hide any number of truths, perhaps—at times—even from ourselves. In this piece, I am trying to build a fragile membrane in order to hide a thing in plain sight. Rather than making a performance inconspicuous, veiling it in quietness only draws more attention to itself: it demands intimacy and yet our concentration is rewarded only with tension. Lifting the veil for a moment, the piece balances precariously. Constantly at the brink of collapse, the ensemble navigates the complexities and punctures of a fragile membrane. There is no serenity behind this veil.

score (.pdf, 29 MB)

audio: recorded as part of Ensemble Nikel's A DECADE retrospective box set.


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