Ullmann article now up

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I recently wrote an article on fragility in the music of Jakob Ullmann. I’m very pleased to say that it is now available, published in the excellent TEMPO music journal (Volume 69 / Issue 274, Cambridge University Press).


If you have institution access (or a subscription, which is well worth it), you can read the article here, otherwise, I hope to make the text available as soon as I figure out a way around academia’s archaic copyright systems ( cough email me cough).


For those within reach of HCMF this year, you have a great chance to see a rare performance of Ullmann’s work coming up. Don’t miss it…

with the very same twist (traces, under erasure)

A new piece (maybe two pieces, or a piece and an ‘epilogue’ perhaps): with the very same twist to their faces for baritone saxophone and accordion.

Here is the first page of the ‘epilogue’, with the very same twist to their faces (under erasure), which is made up of trace layers/ palimpsestic readings of the ‘main’ version.