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hand in unlovable hand: trammel music for string quartet || in progress

trammel music for string quartet

all these fucking angels, I descender || in progress

for slide whistle and live spectral processing

trammel music || in progress

a collection of etudes and works of restraint:


augury || flute, clarinet, harp, percussion

percussion studies || electronic

Percussion Studies is the push and pull of hovering minimalist textures and reflections of emptiness. A barely-there energy is exuded from these pieces, like a phantom touch on skin.

For ears that appreciate a space between the spectral clouds of Thomas Köner and mysterious sound worlds of Toshiya Tsunoda and Steve Roden.

'moving music that draws the spirit from the core of your being.' ~ boomkat

LINE records (LINE_122), 6 August 2021

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hipparcos, the parallax drifter || piano

for piano, c. 15'


aphelion, orbiter I || piano

for piano, c. 9'



the heart is a knot || double bass solo

petelia's totenpass || a study for the augury (two or more voices)

paid to the ferryman, a hymnbook


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(also available in word document and printable booklet formats. Web ambit generator in progress.)

lapis touch || a study for the augury (percussion solo)

dedicated to Barthes' erotic pianist


trammel etude, ii || violin, viola, piano

an etude of restraint, vulnerability, and damage. Kinect Manchester
for winnie, marco, and gwen.



all these points aflame, I descender || slide whistle quartet

a murmering for slide whistle quartet


trammel etude || string quartet

an etude of restraint, vulnerability, and damage


interloper || with Menschenstoff quartet

collaborative project with Menschenstoff quartet, for Ultima festival, Oslo, Norway, 19 September, 2019.

cello, harp, drum kit, live-electronics.

More information.


o horizon, gloa on the forest floor || harp and hand of metal

polynya, or ever less || electric guitar

abate ablaze abrade || bass clarinet, piano, cello

khepri || cello


falling as rain and then rising || clarinet, violin, cello

clarinet, violin and cello

commissioned by Tzlil Meudcan festival

--under revision--


grid of four || quartets and noise

any number of quartets and a noise

two realisations on the larynx, closing album (March 2016)

against the grain, larynx || instruments, electronic, noises

instruments, electronic, noises

on the larynx, closing album (March 2016)

spirit in the night || soprano

solo soprano singing bruce spingsteen at a kind of ouija board

sketch for Juliet Fraser & CAVE

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if some thing black || bass clarinet

solo bass clarinet, for Heather Roche

commissioned by Heather Roche

--under revision--


a technical diagram for the abstraction of ockeghem's missa pro defunctis: kyrie, side elevation || harmonium, viola d'amore

harmonium & viola d'amore, for Klaus Lang & Barbara Konrad

score || watch


hymns to sing at the apocalypse || b.fl., b.cl., vla., vcn., cb.

solo contrabass; b.fl., b.cl., vla., vcn.

commissioned by iN festival


translucent spaces_courtyard || harmonium, sine waves

harmonium & sine waves, 15'




yet another example of the porousness of certain borders || contrabass

solo contrabass, for Dario Calderone

commissioned by impuls festival and Gaudeamus Muziekweek

score || listen


burrow || electroacoustic

electroacoustic, stereo (fixed)


whose veil remains inscrutable || sax., e.guitar, perc., piano

with the very same twist to their faces || baritone sax., accordion

baritone saxophone, accordion

score || listen


network for pianos || two to four pianos

two to four pianos

score (.pdf, 5 MB)

envelop || eight voices

eight voices: SSAATTBB


network for string quartet || string quartet

string quartet

score (.pdf)

Accessibility: I am aware that some of my scores are hard to read, and while I have tried to make things accessible for OCR and screenreaders, this isn't always possible. If you would like a more accessible format of scores (or even just clarification on my terrible handwriting) contact me and I'll do whatever I can.