‘Clarity’ is the re-imagined re-composition of my short score to Phos Pictures’ A Mother’s Letter.

For an old, out-of-tune, upright piano & microtonal acoustic guitars. Violins played by Her Name is Calla‘s Sophie Green.

Available in a limited run of one-hundred postcard-mounted 3″ CDrs:

Hibernate Store (sold out at source) EDIT: 09/03/11

Stashed Goods (Fluid Radio)

Norman Records

Also available as a free download, here.

Presented by Hibernate Recordings.

Thanks to Jonathan Lees; Sophie Green; Eliot Rausch.

As ever, this recording is best enjoyed on high-quality headphones. The piece achieves listener immersion through use of microtonal binaural beat-tones.  Do not operate heavy machinery whilst listening.